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Please complete all fields.  If you have been a member of National Association of REALTORS as a Realtor or Affiliate member in Florida or any other state, you will have a NRDS number.  You can search your NRDS number at or call the office to obtain that information.  You do not want to create a duplicate ID number.  Upon completion of this application, the office will review your information for final approval.  

Please note that all application fees and dues are pro-rated upon joining.  State, National, and Local dues are collected by the local association and dispersed.  Those fees are collected on a calendar year.  The MLS dues are collected on a fiscal year starting July 1 and also pro-rated when joining.  

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Use this form if you are not currently a member of another Board and You are choosing to pay your NAR & FR dues through our board 

Please submit your MLS application separately. 

If you are a branch manager, corporate officer, partner and/or principal/owner of a real estate company, do NOT use this form; choose the “DESIGNATED REALTOR®” option. 

Use this membership type if your broker is a participant with BER MLS.  You may not have access to the MLS without your broker.  

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